Adriane Galisteu

Adriane Galisteu ( Sao Paulo , April 18, 1973 ) is a Brazilian model, actress and television presenter. She began her modeling career at age of nine , making an ad for McDonald’s Fast Food Restaurants, and as a teenager in 1987, participated in the Meia Soquete Group. She posed for the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine in August 1995 and, since then, has followed career on television , gaining space as a presenter . Galisteu also developed a career as an actress , having starred in the soap opera Xica da Silva, in 1996 . She also debuted in theater in 1999 under the direction of Bibi Ferreira . In the movie, she worked in Coisa de Mulher e Se eu Fosse Você 2.


Cléo Pires

Cleo Pires
Cléo Pires Ayrosa Galvão ( Rio de Janeiro , October 2, 1982 ) is a Brazilian actress. She is the eldest daughter of singer and actor Fábio Júnior and actress Glória Pires . Her grandfather is the comedian Antonio Carlos Pires  and her younger brother is  the singer and actor Filipe Galvão ( Fiuk ). She debuted as an actress in the miniseries Memorial de Maria Moura, in 1994 . In 2008 she co – starred in the remake of Ciranda de Pedra , in which she lived the role of a  young teacher, Daisy. In 2009 , joined the cast of the soap opera Caminho das Indias, playing the role of the indian Surya , her first villain .  She was named one of the 25 sexiest women in the country.

Letícia Spiller

Leticia Spiller Pena (Rio de Janeiro, June 19, 1975) is a Brazilian actress. She began her career as an actress in amateur theater in 1985, in Sacred Heart of Mary College, where she studied.  She also attended  to “The Tablado” with Professor Bernardo Jablonski and participated in the Tom’s Personal Group with Roberto Bomtempo and Roney Vilella. In 1989 she joined the Xuxas’ Show  program on Rede Globo as the “paquita” Pituxa Pastel. Later, she acted in many soap operas of the issuer, such as Duas Caras, Viver a Vida, Salve Jorge and Joia Rara.

Lavínia Vlasak

Lavinia Wlasak
Lavínia Gutmann Vlasak (born 14 June 1976 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian actress. She’s been always compared to Audrey Hepburn and, then, has already taken many pictures imitating here.
At 16, she married her first boyfriend, actor Jorge Pontual, and were together for five years. He studied acting at the House of Art of the orange and also made the Actors Workshop of Rede Globo. It was during the workshop that she received an invitation from director Luiz Fernando Carvalho to test for the novel O Rei do Gado.
In 1999, shone on the small screen to be honored with his first villain in the novel Força de um Desejo.
After 10 years of career changed by Rede Globo Rede Record and won his first girl in the novels. Owner of a solid career in the old house, where he had the opportunity to live such different roles, completed a decade-long career in full transformation. After motherhood, limited only to guest appearances on shows. After five years, in 2010, returned to the Globo in episodes of the series A Vida Alheia and As Cariocas. In 2011, he made a cameo in Insensato Coração. In 2012 she participated in the episode “A Culpada de BH” of series As Brasileiras.

Camila Morgado

Camila Morgado
Camila Morgado is a Brazilian actress who was born on April 12, 1975 in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as Camila Ribeiro da Silva. Daughter of Orlando da Silva, a merchant, and Regina Ribeiro, a housewife, she is a natural born redhead. She is known for her works in América (2005), Avenida Brasil (2012) and Olga (2004). Before the miniseries “A Casa das Sete Mulheres” (2003), Camila had only worked in theater, mostly with director Gerald Thomas. In 2002, Camila was spotted by the miniseries’ director Jayme Monjardim who invited her to work on TV. She worked in the mini “JK”, about the life of Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek, as the reporter Ana Rosenberg (February 2006). One of her mainly roles was in the movie Olga, in which she  played the role of Olga Benário Prestes, a German woman who was the wife of the communist leader Luis Carlos Prestes(april 2003). She is a very appreciated actress for her works both on movies and TV.

Ana Paula Arósio

Ana Paula Arósio ( São Paulo , July 16, 1975 ) is a Brazilian actress and model . She was 12 years old when began her career , deciding to work as a model after being discovered by an advertisement in a supermarket. After some time she became one of the most successful models in Brazil . After countless works as an actress , in 2010 ,  worked in the movie How to Forget (Como Esquecer) and  also participated in the miniseriesAccording to The Law  (Na Forma da Lei), together with other strong names, including Luana Piovani and Márcio Garcia .She won three times the Press Trophy: in the category Revelation of the Year, as Hilda, ofHurricane Hilda (Hilda Furacão) , in 1998 ; in the category Best Actress, as Giuliana, de Terra Nostra (Our Land) in 1999; and again as  Best Actress by the Jewish Camille, of Esperança (Hope) in 2002. In October 2010 , tipped to star in the soap opera  Foolish Heart (Insensato Coração), Arósio , according to TV Globo , lacked the recordings plot and was disconnected from the production. On 20 December of the same year , the actress resigned TV Globo and terminated the contract, which was made public on 12 January 2011.

Paolla Oliveira

Paolla Oliveira

Caroline Paola Oliveira da Silva, better known as Paolla Oliveira (Sao Paulo, April 14, 1982) is a Brazilian actress. Her first work in television was in the second phase of the soap opera Metamorphoses, on TV Record. Already on TV Globo , won the public by her role as Giovana, a dreamy beautiful girl, her first major role in the soap opera Belíssima (Beautiful). After some other important works, Paola was invited to be the protagonist of Walther Negrao story, Araguaia , but she declined , claiming to need a vacation. However, in October 2010 , Paola was hastily called to replace Ana Paula Arósio, in  the role of  the protagonist of Foolish Heart (Insensato Coração). In 2013 , she added the  second letter ” L ” in his stage name for numerology reasons. In the same year she was seen again in the primetime soap opera Love for Life (Amor à Vida),   in which she plays the protagonist Paloma Khoury.